ETS Home Edition

Enjoy the full potential of KNX in your home

ETS, future-proof software for your smart home

Our KNX software is called ETS (Engineering Tool Software). ETS allows you to automate your lights, shutters, heating, alarm system and more. You can control your KNX system centrally, but much of the intelligence takes place within the devices that can talk to each other. Our technology is used by over 500 manufacturers all over the world to develop smart devices, leading to a broad range of products you can choose from. Only high-quality products that have been tested and certified by KNX bear the KNX trademark.

The ETS software complies to the highest security standards to give hackers no chance. KNX is committed to be the most secure technology on the market.

What is the ETS Home Edition?

The ETS Home Edition is the adapted version of ETS for homeowners who not only want to turn their house smart but elevate it to the next stage of intelligence. 

This special edition allows you to configure 1 project with up to 64 devices, so that you can create your own smart home according to your needs. Embrace the comfort of home automation and enjoy the unique benefits of KNX within your own four walls.

ETS Home Edition is the right tool for residential projects without the need to invest in professional software. All functions and features you need for your configuration are available.

The 3 key Benefits of ETS Home Edition

Adapt your home to your new needs. COVID-19 has changed our families work-life balance. A smart home can make your personal and professional life more comfortable by creating different areas of intelligence. ETS Home Edition is a response to the ever changing needs of homeowners:

  1. ETS Home Edition offers endless possibilities. You can choose from more than 8.000 certified products available.
  2. Security is a key focus point. Thanks to the use of secure devices in your set-up, hackers are given no chance.
  3. You are the sole owner of your data. The ETS Home edition will make sure all your data stays safe within your project and with you.

Discover the comfort of a KNX smart home

When comfort, safety and ease are key to your dream home, KNX home automation is all you need. 

Discover all the benefits of a KNX Smart Home system.

door communication
door communication

A smart home tool supported by KNX Partners

KNX is a stable and secure technology that ensures compatibility with over 8.000 certified devices

It’s no plug-and-play solution where you need to be lucky that products from different brands can be combined. All too often, you are limited to one ecosystem and that can lead to disappointment. 

That’s why our professional partners are here to help you out. They will help you plan a fully integrated smart home tailored to your needs. They have the expertise and experience to set up a safe, energy efficient and comfortable smart home.

How can I start with the ETS Home Edition software?

The ETS Home Edition is available in our webshop, called MyKNX.

Register for free here.

With your personal account you can easily follow online training sessions, manage your licenses and become a KNX certified professional. All benefits are only a few clicks away!

If you want to start creating your KNX smart home, we recommend getting in touch with a KNX certified partner who can help develop your plan and set up the installation.

Are you a tech-savvy? if you love technology and you want to learn yourself and do it yourself, you can start now with our free online course: eCampus.