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La Asociación KNX ofrece muchos seminarios web para informarle sobre diversos temas relacionados con KNX. Se trata de presentaciones en línea sobre temas técnicos y no técnicos que usted puede seguir desde detrás de su ordenador. Además, también puede interactuar si tiene preguntas.

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Explore KNX and DALI Integration with NETx Software

Join this live webinar to discover how integrating KNX and DALI with NETx software can streamline your building automation process. We'll show you how to create a project and highlight the main features, as well as showcase the powerful LaMPS Module DALI management.

With the KNX IoT interface and LaMPS Module, you'll have a cutting-edge solution that provides real-time data and intuitive control, all at your fingertips. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from industry experts and revolutionize your building automation strategy.

Language: English

From: 18-04-2023 10:00
To: 18-04-2023 10:45

Intended for:
- Everyone

Theben KNX news 2022

If you want to learn more about a huge variety of KNX solutions supporting you with data secure communication, irrespectively if flush or alternatively for a DIN rail-based installation, we do have reasonable solutions. When it comes to a perfect room management solution, control lights and having the option to control up to 6 zones separately with one sensor, then thePixa is the best choice.

Language: English
Webinar Time: on-demand
Intended for: Everyone

AVE’s new KNX product range

In 2022 AVE expanded its range with new devices for DIN support. All room functions in an aesthetically wonderful device. In this webinar, you will get an overview of AVE’s KNX product range and information about their 9 new products on the market and one more that is coming to the market soon.

Language: English
Webinar Time: on-demand
Intended for: Everyone

The future of IoT in Home and building automation

Featuring KNX Association CEO, Heinz Lux, with a review of how a solid foundation guarantees a future-proof, secure and state-of-the-art technology. He discusses how KNX now enables third-party services with KNX, which adds new business possibilities for manufacturers and professionals. He also looks forward to how KNX IoT will take advantage of an IP future, a more robust cloud, and progress in artificial intelligence (AI). As Mr Lux puts it, “The new KNX IoT technology perfectly adapts to these new scenarios and will help our community in developing and delivering future solutions based on trends such as AI, machine learning, or deep learning solutions based on KNX.

Language: English
Webinar Time: on-demand
Intended for: Everyone

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